Generating Facebook leads for your cleaning and restoration business can be surprisingly effective. And no, it is not as challenging as you might have been lead to believe or even experienced. As with all things digital marketing, you need a solid action plan and implementation strategy to generate Facebook leads for your cleaning business. The social beast is after all among the most visited social sites across the globe. So love it or hate it – the fact remains that you simply cannot afford to overlook the importance of Facebook in generating convertible leads for your business.

If you are new to Facebook or even if you have a presence on Facebook and are looking for help on how to generate leads for your cleaning or restoration business, then continue reading.

Facebook Marketing: Go Beyond Simple Socializing

Before moving any further, it is important for you to understand one major distinction. Facebook definitely is a great place for businesses. However, unlike other professional or business oriented social sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn, Facebook is essentially continues to be a place where people socialize and focus on building connections.

Traditionally Facebook has always been a space where users engage in social and casual activity. This however, does not mean that you cannot use the social site for business marketing and lead generation purposes. You have to understand that most Facebook users don’t really use the platform to view business ads. But if you can create value with your ads, then you have a winner on your hands.

Lead Generation with Facebook

If you have established a solid brand presence on Facebook, if you have created a community of engaged users for your brand, and if you are regular with publishing highly relevant and quality content, then you probably are already generating high-quality leads for your business. Not to mention, each of the above activities can set your business apart from the competition in more ways than one.

If however, you are yet to do any of the above and are still only limiting your brand activity to simply connecting with a few users, then it is time that you wake up to the numerous possibilities for generating solid leads. Of course this in addition to expanding your brand presence among a wider social audience base.

Now most cleaning and restoration businesses don’t really know how to make good use of their social space, this includes Facebook. And here in lies the problem – they simply don’t know where to start or what to do to generate more leads using the social giant.

So here are top strategies on how you can use Facebook to generate high-quality leads for your cleaning and restoration business. The key however, lies in being consistent about implementing the following strategies in a consistent manner if you really want to see value for your time, effort, and resources.

Top 12 Facebook Lead Generation Strategies for Cleaning and Restoration Businesses

Remember, Facebook lead generation does not have to be challenging. As mentioned above, consistency is the key. Once you get the hang of things, it simply is a process of repeating each of the following strategies and soon you will start generating business leads.

  1. Build Up your Brand Identity

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social sites across the globe. And with millions of businesses on the site, you need to build up brand identity if you want to stand apart from the competition and win user attention.

It’s not just about creating a page – ensure your contact information is updated and also make sure that you keep your page populated with fresh and exciting content both in text form as well as in solid visual content form. Your content needs to be fresh which means you will need to create a routine updation calendar for your content page which will not only attract users but also ensure that they stay engaged with your brand.

Only when your audience is engaged will you be able to boost traffic and generate leads for your business.

  1. Create High Value and Highly Shareable Content

One of the best ways of boosting traffic and as a result generating leads for your business is via high-quality content. Here’s the thing – people want to consume highly relevant and high-quality content on social, including on Facebook. They love getting content that they can enjoy and also share. Content sharing is something the people love doing because it helps them secure their connections. Plus it positions them as people who share quality content. It just makes them feel valuable and powerful. And that’s a big pull.

So if you want to boost traffic and effectively generate quality leads, then start creating quality content that users will actively share among their contacts.

Now if you can consistently create fresh and engaging content, you will be viewed as a go-to-source for quality content. It sets you apart from the competition and can help encourage users to want to get to know your brand more intimately. When they come to find out more about your brand, then this is a good time to engage with them in a way that encourages greater brand interactions.

So when you sit down to create Facebook content, focus on topics that are trending or those topics you think people will want to share among their connections. If you are unsure, consider starting conversations with users who have been actively consuming and sharing your content and ask them what topics or type of content they would like to consume. Then go ahead and create it!

  1. Repost Content that Generated the Most Leads

While creating brand new quality content is always desirable and necessary. Don’t ignore the resale value of older content. So if you had created something a few months back and it gained good traction, then go ahead and repost it. If some users liked your content and if they shared it, chances are there will others who will like your content as well. And this does not have to be a one-time thing – you can repost older blogs or posts multiple times if it continues to pull in users.

Want to further boost the lead generation capacity of your posts? Optimize your posts with anchor text CTAs and add greater value to your content by focusing on effective inbound marketing strategies and then go ahead and repost them on your social page.

This is a great strategy for boosting organic lead generation.

  1. Put up Links to Exciting News/Offers On your Page

Do you have something new to offer? Perhaps you are introducing a new service or expanding your services menu or even launching a new referral/rewards program.

One of the best ways of getting this news to your Facebook audience is by directly posting links to the offer pages on your Facebook page. Users simply have to click on the link on your Facebook page and they will be directed to your offer page. Simple and easy isn’t it? It’s like offering users a preview of what you have to offer.

You should however, make sure that the offer is relevant to your Facebook audience before you go ahead and post the links to whatever it is that you are offering.

  1. Use Images to Hook your Audience

Did you know that you can use images to generate leads?

Images or visual content are popular among social audiences. Why? Well because visual content/images come with a high engaging potential and hence are easily consumed. And if something is fun and engaging, you can be sure it will also pull its weight when it comes to sharing.

For this reason images are a great way to pull in social audiences. So now the question – how do you use images to attract audience attention?

You can take images from your blog or other media and publish them on your Facebook page. The user simply has to click on the image and they will be directed to the original source of the content. Remember, the link to the original piece of content should be within the description of the image – don’t share the link to the content directly. This is how you use images to hook your Facebook audience.

  1. Use Video to Generate Leads

As mentioned earlier, nothing sells like visual content on social. So the next time you want to promote an offer or have something that you want to announce, go with video. And here’s the thing – visual content offers great opportunities for upping your creativity. After all, the more engaging your video content, higher are the changes of it being viewed and shared right?

Besides, Facebook’s algorithm actually favors visual content, especially video content so you can’t lose with this one anyway you look at it. Simply upload your video and include a link to the offer landing page in the description.

  1. Optimize on Facebook Live Chats

Sticking to video, here’s another strategy to generate Facebook leads for your cleaning or restoration business. You can make a Facebook Live video on a trending topic or a topic of interest. In the video talk about an announcement you want to make or refer to an offer and direct your viewers to the landing page via the video. And don’t forget to mention your intended CTA in the video – mention it multiple times in an organic manner and also include the CTA text in the video description.

  1. Plan Exciting Facebook Contests

One of the best ways of engaging with customers and generating leads on Facebook is via contests and giveaways. However, you will need to make sure that your users first fill out the participation form, which essentially serves as a lead generation form, as an eligibility criteria if they want to take part in in your contest or giveaways.

Your Facebook page can be used to provide a sneak-peak or as a teaser site for your planned contest. You can announce your contest or giveaway via posts and then simply link them to the download page or your offer page.

  1. Explore paid advertising options

Facebook offers many options for advertising. Ad campaigns can help your business stand out from your competitors. Plus, the built-in analytics tools make it easy to measure the results of your lead generation efforts.

Facebook’s advertising platform provides all the tools you need to create and manage effective ads to accomplish a variety of goals, from growing your social presence to sending traffic to your site to generating conversions.

Select a goal, create the copy and content you’ll use to reach it, and target your audience by location, demographics, interests, or all of the above. Then, set bids that are in line with your marketing budget.

After you launch your ad campaign, you will be able to track and monitor the results using the social site’s built-in analytics. This will tell you how your ad performed and also provide insights on what you can do more or less of when you organize your next campaign.

  1. Use Facebook’s Click to Message to Generate Leads

Facebook’s “Click to Message” is a great feature that businesses can use to generate quality leads.

Using the “Click to Message” feature, users can start conversations directly with a business or brand right from the news feed ad. Having a direct channel of conversation with the user is a great opportunity for businesses – it can help in quickly and automatically converting the users into quality leads since they already are interested in engaging or transacting with your brand.

  1. Identify Posts that Generate Most Leads

If you have been with Facebook for some time, then you definitely will have posts that generated high number of leads compared to other posts. Here’s what you can do to generate leads – identify posts that generated the most leads and the pin them to the top of your page feed. These posts can stay on your timeline for a week in a spot where they can catch the attention of your target audience. Within the seven days that they are pinned to your page feed, you should be able to generate leads for your business.

  1. Generate High-quality Leads with Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are again a great tool for generating quality leads over time for your cleaning or restoration business.

First up, Facebook Groups can be used by all users so it’s a tool you definitely want to capitalize on. Secondly, when you use Facebook Groups, you have control over whom to accept which means you can include users with the greatest conversion potential.

Using the tool, you can focus on engaging with a highly niched audience – which means you will be presented with fantastic opportunities to personalize your interactions which in turn can help you cultivate trusted relationships. This kind of attention-focused engagement can deliver high quality leads that are probably open to repeat conversions or sales.

To Wrap Up

There is no doubt that lead generation is the life-force of the sales funnel for any business, include your cleaning or restoration business. However, on Facebook, they key to generating quality leads revolves around audience engagement. It is about offering your audience real value and of course leading with authenticity. The above mentioned strategies can help you connect with potential customers and move them towards your sales funnel.

Having said that, remember, consistency is the key. You can’t expect to do these for a few days and expect to get results. So if you are ready to get started, then put together a plan and stick to it!