Quality content never goes out of style. It can give your disaster restoration or cleaning services business a competitive edge in local markets. It can one of the primary reasons why potential customers visit your website and also be one of the primary reasons why customers actively engage with your brand on social.

Most importantly, quality content will certainly dictate how your brand is perceived by search engines such as Google in SERPs.

What does this mean for disaster restoration businesses?

Well, it does throw up a few important questions such as how are you treating your content? Do you use content marketing effectively?

If you haven’t, then start right now. Here are the top six ways in which you can apply effective content marketing methods to connect with new customers and influence positive buying decisions.

1. Test your Website Content

Start with A/B testing your website content. This will help evaluate which aspects or sections of your disaster restoration or cleaning services website content are effective in converting and which sections of content need to be ditched or tweaked.

So what does A/B testing do? Well, simply put, it compares two different versions of the same type of content so you get to gauge which version performs better. How do you do A/B testing? Ok so to do this, you will need to make two different copies of your content and then track the results. During the A/B testing, you can test the headline, the images, and the call-to-action, among other aspects of your website content.  When you put both versions to test, you will be able to gauge which version is delivering on expected results and is being actively consumed by visitors and customers. Try using different elements to tweak your content to make it more appealing.

Several online resources can be used for A/B testing such as Google OptimizeVWOand AB Tasty among others.

2. Use Video to Create a Visual Image of your Brand 

Customers today want to go behind the scenes and get to know the brands that they are interacting with. One of the best ways of adding a layer of customer engagement is via video. You can use video to showcase the people behind the brand and make your business all that more real in a highly digitized environment.

Present your disaster restoration business and your staff using video. You can capture your site facilities on video, offer visual tours, or use video to simply respond to customer queries.

You can demonstrate your services and the products you use, or you can organizetours of restorations that you have done for customers and upload the videos on your website, on your YouTube channel, and over other social platforms.

3. Channelize the Power of Customer Testimonials 

Customer testimonials can be one of the most powerful tools in your content marketing arsenal. When consumers see testimonials from other customers who have tried your services and are happy with the results, they will be more willing to give your brand a try.

Use the testimonials you have gathered for your disaster restoration or cleaning services business to build social evidence. If you haven’t gathered any customer testimonials, then it is time you get started.

Call up old customers who were happy with your services and request them for a testimonial. Ask them for specific information such as – how your service benefited them, what they liked the most about your service, and which aspect of your business or service would they want to endorse for their family and friends.

Sharing customer testimonials over different channels can help build a strong brand presence and help you boost lead generation and drive sales for your business.

4. More Customization!

Your customers want to feel like you know them and care about their needs and expectations. So unless you can customize your content to showcase exactly that, you won’t be winning the content marketing race anytime soon.Create content to suit different audience segments – this way you can address the needs and expectations of different sections of your audience.

So for example, using the same content items for new and repeat customers is not a good idea. You want to entice new customers so you need to focus on content that can engage them and drive them to make a buying decision. For your repeat customers focus on new aspects of your services or offer content that will build further value in your business and encourage brand loyalty.

Customizing your content also means that you focus on using the user’s location to send content that can help them make a buying decision or even make recommendations to customers based on their previous actions over your website.

There is a lot you can do to use customized content to expand and build on your content marketing strategy. Some strategies might work, while others might not deliver. So you might have to tweak and change your approach as and when needed.

5. Engaging Content = Engaged Audience

Unless you can consistently deliver content that is high in quality and engaging, you will find it difficult to attract new customers and find it equally difficult to hold on to your current audience base.

So how do you produce engaging content There are several types of content you can try such as surveys, quizzes, and polls that can get your audience to interact and engage with your brand.

You might want to spend some time and effort researching what your audience likes before you go ahead and create the content. Social media platforms are a great place to gather some intel.

Ask your social audience what type of content they would like from you, ask about their preferences, or ask them what factors matter to them when they make a buying decision. Having answers to these questions can help you tweak your content in a way that will make it engaging.

Visual content is another great option to keep your audience engaged. Videos, infographics, and short visual posts that are ideal for social audiences can get your audience engaged.

6. Local SEO is Critical

As a disaster restoration company or a cleaning services company, you operate mainly within the local market space. So you want to focus on local SEO.

A few things that you can do to boost local SEO include the following;

  • Identify keywords that are relevant to your local area markets and use them
    to create your content.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-optimized and is also voice-search friendly.
  • Include backlinks to your site from reputable sites and sources including local directories and your local chamber of commerce.

In Conclusion

Content marketing is a powerful strategy that you should employ for your local disaster restoration or your cleaning services business. It can boost your brand’s online visibility in local SERPs and help you connect with potential customers.